"The Blueprint for the Human Spirit®"

Spiritual Wisdom and Practical Guidance for Conscious, Compassionate Living

Dr. Pamela Gerali

Dr. Pamela Gerali

Dr. Pamela Gerali is a nurse with a Master’s Degree in Public Health and a Doctorate in Holistic Health Sciences. She walked away from a successful career in public health (American Cancer Society and Prevent Blindness America) to blaze her own spiritual path. She had no idea where her quest would go, but trusted divine guidance to lead the way. Read more…

Pausing in the Presence

I am committed to sharing insights from the Blueprint for the Human Spirit in my blog, “Pausing in the Presence.” As I sit in silence and breathe, I open my mind, body and spirit to receive guidance. It comes as words, flashes of intuition, images, energy shifts. My perceptions register “TRUTH” as a sense of knowing flows through my body and goosebumps rise on my forearms. I daily face the challenge to remain focused. Like the Zebra Butterfly flits from flower to flower, I have started and abandoned more projects than I can count.  Read more…

Blueprint for the Human Spirit

Dimensions of the Blueprint

The Blueprint for the Human Spirit is a spiritual road map for self-discovery and conscious, compassionate living. It offers insights into the human experience and empowers individuals to live authentically, purposefully and harmoniously. It’s elegant design beautifully integrates all aspects of life into a synergistic whole that promotes Oneness with All That Is. Read more…