Blueprint for the Human Spirit®

Spheres3-08 copyThe Blueprint for the Human Spirit is a road map for self-discovery and conscious, compassionate living. It offers insights into the human experience and empowers individuals to live authentically, purposefully and harmoniously. It’s elegant design beautifully integrates all aspects of life into a synergistic whole. Since it is compatible with ancient teachings, new science, Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, this amazing learning tool is relevant for individuals from all walks of life. Read more…

The Blueprint is a tool for  transforming humanity and is unique. Unlike other belief systems, it bridges the gap between religions, doctrines, ages and cultures. Some of its features include:

  • Holistic — Addresses all dimensions of life—the mind, body, heart, gut (intuition) and soul.
  • Compatible — Skillfully blends ancient traditions with new science, Eastern philosophy and Western psychology making it a useful tool for students of all faiths.
  • Synergistic — One aspect builds on and complements the others so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Relevant — A useful tool for all aspects of life including education, health care, governance, relationships and business.
  • Transformative — Promotes personal growth, professional success and greater awareness

To watch a video of Pamela discussing the Blueprint, click here: Video about the Blueprint for the Human Spirit.

The Blueprint emerged as revelations during predawn times of prayer, contemplation and meditation. Over a number of years, it grew from a few simple insights into an elegant MATRIX that reveals the dynamic interplay between the many facets of life. For details about the matrix, obtain Pamela’s book, Higher Tea: The Essence of Joy or Confessions of a Passionate Seeker.

SpiritAwakenProcess copyWisdom and practical guidance from the Blueprint changes lives. It is not just an interesting, intellectual exercise, but is transforming. It encourages the critical examination and shifting of beliefs, thoughts and behaviors into alignment with our true being. By revealing fears, responses and attachments that are based on duality (separation from our true self and higher consciousness), it promotes a shift from Ego-driven efforts to the expression of our true Being or Essence.

As the Blueprint evolved, the Universe provided concrete lessons to promote healing, learning and integration. Archetypes revealed during meditations have also been an extremely powerful tool for understanding and integrating the Blueprint for the Human Spirit. To learn more about how Archetypes create greater awareness, watch this video: A Model for Self Discovery

Blueprint for the Human Spirit® is a registered trademark and is copyrighted by Dr. Pamela Gerali.