BOOK — Confessions of a Passionate Seeker

Confessions of a Passionate Seeker Book CoverConfessions of a Passionate Seeker: Bridging the Gap from Ego to Essence is a life-changing read.

After many years as a dedicated seeker, Pamela hit a wall. An energy-sapping virus forced her to examine priorities. Only then was she able to refocus on the Blueprint for the Human Spirit®, her inspired holistic model for conscious, compassionate living, that guided her spiritual growth. Pamela was “told” by a higher authority to meditate and write confessions for 40 days. Baffled by this guidance from her “inner guru,” she explored what the number “40” meant and discovered it represents “rebirth.”

Three days later, Pamela arose early, went to her sacred space, lit a candle and paused in the silence. A word popped into her awareness. “Discipline!” Yuck! She picked up her pen and wrote a confession about her negative reaction and thoughts on the topic. Memories flowed onto the page—painful experiences, humorous recollections and powerful lessons. The journal entry ended with a positive affirmation that showed  what she learned on her spiritual journey and how discipline is transformed into direction. Watch this video of Pamela talking about her book.

Pamela Gerali’s “confessions” made me want to honestly look at my life and its challenging times. If the book affects everyone this way, it will be a bestseller.Rev. Jim Rosemergy, Author & Unity Minister

Then Pamela was “instructed” to share her journal as a book. She questioned this guidance as she was not ready to tell all to the world. However, not following divine guidance was not an option.
In Confessions of a Passionate Seeker, Pamela’s personal stories and revelations bring to life the Blueprint for the Human Spirit® with all of its wisdom and practical guidance. By sharing her transformation, she hopes to encourage you and others to experience your own deep soul cleanse. And she trusts that through this exercise, you will also embrace your wholeness and oneness.

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Confessions GiftA Gift of Inspiration — Pamela has also packaged her book with her new companion journal, “Deep Soul Cleanse”  to create a delightful Gift of Inspiration. What an excellent way to encourage dear friends and family members to embark on their own inner journey.

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