Deep Soul Cleanse — NEW ITEM

Experience your own transforming 40-day journey in radical honesty!


Deep Soul Cleanse CoverDeep Soul Cleanse is a companion journal for my book, Confessions of a Passionate Seeker: Bridging the Gap from Ego to Essence. It guides you through your own transforming 40-day experience in radical honesty.

This journal provides space for you to record your own “confessions,” life experiences, affirmations and actions. Meditations are also provided to inspire you as you affirm what is for your highest good.


Every day, join me on this inner journey into the depths of your mind, heart and soul to discover what is blocking your progress. This exercise will truly guide you as you shift from limiting ego effort into a state of higher awareness.

Available as a PDF download (via email) and as a soft cover journal with spiral bound. Also available with the “Confessions” book as part of a “Gift of Inspiration.”