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Dr. Pamela Gerali, AuthorPamela loves to write and is delighted to share what she has learned as an inspiring author. She is especially thrilled when the words flow unimpeded onto the page.

In Higher Tea®: The Essence of Joy, Pamela’s first book, she introduces the Blueprint for the Human Spirit® through the symbolism and simplicity of tea. Each chapter is infused with the facts and flavor of her spiritual model, leaving you satiated, yet wanting more. The fundamentals of the Blueprint  literally come to life through tea words, implements, qualities and experiences.Higher Tea Book

Pamela was committed to sharing wisdom and practical guidance from the Blueprint early in its evolution. She struggled with how such powerful, comprehensive teachings could be presented in a way that would be lucid and engaging. The answer came before dawn one morning – just as the Blueprint had evolved. She was awakened thirsty for tea. When the word “spirituality” popped into her mind, it magically merged with the beverage. SpiritualiTea! Within an hour and a half she received the theme, symbolism and outline for this book. The inspiration for “Higher Tea®” and women’s groups also flowed into her awareness.

Confessions of a Passionate SeekerIn her most recent book, Confessions of a Passionate Seeker: Bridging the Gap from Ego to Essence, Pamela was guided to meditate and journal for 40 days – not a small undertaking after she had been immobilized for months by an energy-sapping virus. And imagine her surprise when she was directed by a higher authority to publish her journal and air her less-than-spotless spiritual laundry with the world.

Every day she received a word and purged her soul as a new confession rose to the surface—discipline, forgiveness, shame, failure, control, appearances, pride… The fact that she still had so much to confess after being a spiritual student for twenty years was humbling. In the process, however, she fully integrated sacred teachings from spiritual Masters and the Blueprint into her way of being. Through this transforming exercise, she traversed the gap Deep Soul Cleanse Coverfrom Ego to Essence.

Pamela also created a companion journal for her “Confessions” book — Deep Soul Cleanse: A 40-Day Journaling and Meditation Experience. Together, the book and journal guide readers through their own life-changing experience with radical honesty. This combination is ideal for a spiritual study group.

Pamela is also committed to sharing inspiring thoughts through her Blog, An Adventure in Authenticity. She believes that when we still the mind and open the heart, inspiration flows and we experience greater awareness. These amazing times are a blessing and are filled with grace. Pamela also shares her blog with other inspiring information through a weekly newsletter. Sign up to receive her newsletter here:

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Watch here for the release of Pamela’s next book, Embracing Authenticity – An Adventure in Self-Discovery.

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