Holistic LifeStyle Consultant

Energy EssenceDr. Pamela Gerali is a Holistic LifeStyle Consultant and an amazing healer. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Public Health and a Doctorate in Holistic Health Sciences. She integrates her health care background with perceptive insights to bring forth a greater sense of wellness and wholeness. Her unique style of psycho-spiritual mirroring facilitates shifts in energy and greater awareness. With inner guidance, she promotes wholeness, empowering individuals on their healing journey.

Pamela’s LifeStyle Consultations are:

  • Holistic — involves the body, mind, heart and spirit
  • Interactive — engage client in the process
  • Accurate — based on higher guidance
  • Non-invasive — no-touch, hands-off technique
  • Personalized — specific for each individual
  • Focused — target priority issues and concerns

For details about Pamela’s consultation process, click here: Holistic LifeStyle Consultation

Pamela learned through the Blueprint for the Human Spirit® that the body has innate healing abilities and everyone has the power and potential to heal themselves. She is a vessel through which information and solutions come to light. Her unique approach begins when readiness, openness and receptivity are affirmed in a state of prayer. Issues and illnesses are demonstrated through psycho-drama, imagery, positions, motions and vocalizations. Clients are encouraged to follow along and feel first-hand the release of tension, negative emotions and blocked energy. This promotes shifts in perception so healing can be experienced at the deeper level at which it originates.

Pamela’s unique healing approach is based on soul “knowings,” experience and higher guidance. Universal principles of energy, oneness, possibilities, perception, gratitude, love and other holistic concepts are essential in this healing process. For details on Pamela’s perceptions on healing, click here: Permanent Healing Power.

Pamela also offers personalized guided imagery and meditations. Again, she blends her health care expertise with inner guidance for these life-changing services. They are offered in person, by phone and via the internet on a love offering basis. Her sessions are also available for couples and small groups.

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