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With divine inspiration, Pamela gave birth to the idea of “Higher Tea®” and shares  it in a number of creative ways, including an inspiring book and gift set, blog and vlog, empowering presentations and ongoing women’s circles. She shares wisdom and practical guidance from the Blueprint for the Human Spirit® using tea words, images, stories and accoutrements. By combining tea with her love of hats and collection of 200 amazing chapeau, Pamela has become known as both the “hat lady” and the “tea lady.” She enjoys bringing the Blueprint to life through these symbols.

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Pamela has successfully launched and facilitated many professional and community women’s groups. With her dynamic, cost-efficient, turn-key program – Create CommuniTea– she initiates the formation of “Higher Tea® Circles.” These ongoing groups for women nourish the mind, body, heart and soul.  While participants experience greater awareness, self-improvement and social interaction, parent organizations benefit by developing leaders, enthusiasm and visibility.

Higher Tea circles are sacred communities that enlighten and empower women to embrace and express their divine essence.  As women sip tea, they drink in the wisdom of kindred spirits and experience the divine feminine. Teatime is transformed by deeper intention, meaningful discussion and learning opportunities. A climate of openness brings forth the best in every member and empowers them to share and develop their unique gifts.

CC ProgramPamela’s program makes initiating a women’s group easy. She uses her extensive leadership skills, community organization experience and program design expertise to create this dynamic program. Click on the image to the left to watch a video about this initiative.

Create CommuniTea is a turnkey program that includes everything needed to initiate a higher tea circle, including:

  • Program Guide
  • Planning, Marketing and Training Tools
  • Introduction to Higher Tea Circles Video
  • Create CommuniTea PowerPoint Workshop
  • Free book with order – Higher Tea: The Essence of Joy

Pamela is also available to provide consultation, leadership and guidance for your organization’s initiatives. She has extensive experience and expertise in visioning, program development, team building, fund raising and a variety of other strategic approaches.

Pamela’s effectiveness as a creative leadership mentor is evident in every initiative. To watch an introductory video about Create CommuniTea, click here. For consultation and training in leadership and organizational development, contact Pamela. To purchase this program, see below or visit Pamela’s SHOP.


Pamela shares insights from the Blueprint for women’s spiritual groups, social clubs and professional organizations. Many of her workshops and keynotes include “higher tea®” topics. Many of her presentations for social clubs expand on information in her Higher Tea® book, and include:

  • FestiviTea: The Art of Joyful Living—A tasty introduction to the recipe for creating joy through balance, purpose and oneness
  • Hats and Higher QualiTeas—Whimsical presentation using hats and “teaisms” to understand life’s many roles and responsibilities
  • CreativiTea: Our Divine Inheritance—Insight on the creative process with tips to silence inner censors and discover hidden talents
  • SustainabiliTea—Humorous insights on the challenges of communication and compatibility in long-term relationships

For more details see this proposed list of higher tea® topics: Presentations for Social Clubs


Pamela writes a weekly blog—Pause in the Moment. Each week addresses a “higher tea®” word and reveals a different aspect of the Blueprint. Every week’s entry also includes a “vlog,” a video blog that summarizes the content of the written blog. In her weekly vlog, Pamela wears a different hat, drinks from a unique teacup and welcomes you to “Higher Tea® Time.

Pamela shares her weekly blogs and vlogs in a newsletter, “Adventure in Authenticity.” You can sign up to receive her weekly newsletter here: SIGN UP NOW!


In a pre-dawn vision, Pamela was inspired to share her Blueprint through tea words, stories, programs and presentations. After experiencing its amazing guidance for many years, she finally published her first book: Higher Tea®: The Essence of Joy.

Higher Tea® is a feast for the soul and senses. It is steeped with wisdom and guidance from the Blueprint®. Insights from this inspired model for self-discovery and expanding awareness skillfully blend the sacred with the secular and new science to appeal to students of all faiths.

Pamela believes that joy is beyond what we experience and how we feel. It is who/what we are at the core of our being, a divine natural attribute. She uses her favorite medium, tea, to introduce her recipe for joyful living and bring the Blueprint to life.Higher Tea Book

Her savory sampling of metaphysical and universal teachings includes:

  • AuthenticiTea–key to balance and wholeness
  • SereniTea–inner peace and contentment
  • IntegriTea–alignment of body, mind, heart and soul
  • PossibiliTea–inspiring vision for the future

Higher Tea is “a remarkably coherent and inspired description of self-transformation. It springs from authentic experience and serves as a reliable and loving guide in our developmental path toward the next stage of our evolution.”Barbara Marx Hubbard, President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Pamela is uniquely qualified to present holistic teachings from the Blueprint since it evolved in harmony with her spiritual growth. Her transforming experiences, combined wit her background in nursing, public health and natural healing, allow her to speak from the heart with authority.

Join Pamela in the pages of her book, a virtual tearoom, where your faith will be strengthened. There you can drink in the essence of the Blueprint and savor its recipe for joyful living! Obtain your personal copy of  Higher Tea®: The Essence of Joy:


HT GiftSetPamela has packaged this delightful book with a collectible teacup, assortment of teabags and bookmark, tied with tulle, ribbon and gift tag. This gift is perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, baby showers and bridal showers. Inspire your favorite female family members and friends with this beautiful gift.

Give this Gift of Joy to a special friend or family member:


Create CommuniTea ProgramCreate Community CD

Turn-key program and offers everything you need to create an ongoing women’s group or Higher Tea Circle in your church or community, including a program guide, planning, marketing and training tools, PowerPoint workshop and free Higher Tea book. This program is available as a CD or in printed notebook and CD formats.


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