Vlog – Welcome to Higher Tea® Time!

Dimensions of the BlueprintOur journey of Self-discovery is both challenging and exciting. As we delve deep into the interior of our being, we learn more about who we are. This awareness empowers us to live authentically. When authentic, we blend the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual aspects of life into one synergistic whole. This holistic approach to conscious, compassionate living follows the wisdom of the Blueprint for the Human Spirit® and is illustrated in its sacred geometry.

Join Pamela in her virtual tea room — complete with hats and teacups — for a sip of inspiration about the key qualities for each dimension of life.

Physical Dimension –  Nurture and Strengthen the Body

Mental Dimension – Expand and Stimulate the Mind

Emotional Dimension – Heal and Open the Heart

Intuitive Dimension – Listen to Instincts and Trust Intuition

Spiritual Dimension – Discover and Express True Essence

Holiday Insight

Purposeful Living – Discover and Honor Why You Are Here